Police agency develops global following with witty posts like one poking fun at Ferrari thief

Police agency develops global following with witty posts like one poking fun at Ferrari thief

(KSLA) - Someone got caught stealing a car that screams for attention.

But making even more waves is the person who manages a Florida police department's Facebook page.

Ben Tobias, spokesman for Gainesville police, has wit and a national following.

That is evidenced most recently by a post in which he pokes fun at the person who stole a Ferrari valued at a quarter million dollars.

The page's commenters indicate they hail from Arkansas, Texas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New York, Virginia, Arizona, Ohio, Illinois, Oregon and even Europe.

They follow the posts for the sheer entertainment value and note that other law enforcement agencies could learn from their example.

Following are a few of the comments.

Carbon McCoy: "As a Ferrari historian of 15 years, I can't applaud this enough - not just the recovery, but the sense of humor, and how you laid it all out."

Michelle Delman Muskus: "That's funny GPD. Kudos to you for having a great sense of humor. This time of year must be very interesting. Thank you for keeping us all safe."

Nick Surdel Danielle Francesca Neilson: "Gainesville PD is a real exemplar for the how police departments can benefit the community through jovial, POSITIVE interactions"

Jared Winn: "Y'all, the social media person for GPD needs a Golden globe"

Shannon Capton: "Love it when cops have a sense of humor"

Tiffany Garbarino Maracic: Whoever runs this social media account is ??"

Charlotte Underwood: "U guys kill it on social media lol bravo"

Dawn Hobson Peters: "GPD humor is on point today ??"

Adrianna Allen: "I love the witty comments"

Alea Landrum: "I live in Nebraska. I follow your FB just because it's so entertaining! Your Social Media Manager needs a raise!!"

JL Godsey: "I don't even live in FL but follow this page for a laugh a day! Keep it up! Y'all are amazing!!"

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