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Christmas tree used to decorate sinkhole

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

No matter what part of Jackson you live in, you've experienced effects from the capital city's crumbling infrastructure. Residents in Belhaven are now showing their creativity in decorating one sinkhole for the Christmas season.

This week a Christmas tree was placed in a sinkhole along Poplar Boulevard after those in the area say they went for weeks with no repairs to the street.

"If you're not familiar with the street it's not really well lit so if you don't know it's there it could be really dangerous for people that don't live here or don't come here often," said Kelsey Berry.

The city's rough streets are a thorn in the side for motorists, some of whom continue to have good spirits about pavement conditions. On Meadowbrook near Manhattan, more orange cones dot the street, where a giant pothole blew out several tires recently.

Motorists even built a makeshift hubcap graveyard to honor the fallen.

Just Monday on state street, Tom Hill's truck was inoperable after a pothole claimed another victim.

"Hopefully we will get some preparations done on the streets here in Jackson so things like this won't happen to people," said Chester Henderson.

The best part about the Belhaven tree is that it also lights up, helping people avoid the road hazard.

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