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Man creates winter wonderland inside family's home

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(Source: Facebook) (Source: Facebook)
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It is Christmas time and many of you are getting ready to deck the halls, trim the tree and hang thousands of Christmas lights outside of your home.

One family in Florida has decided to do a little less decorating outside so they can have a magical winter wonderland room inside their home.

Chris Hanks says there are three Christmas trees with four of the little birch light trees in the dining room area where they made their Christmas room. Lights hang from the ceiling and the floor looks like it is covered in snow. There is even a mailbox for the North Pole Express set up.

"My goal was to create an atmosphere that a person might feel walking through the woods and realizing you’ve stumbled upon Santa’s place," said Hanks. "You see the decorated tree and look down to feel the stones cleared for your feet. You look around and see the lamp, mailbox and the elf size bench. Kind of that moment of realization kicks in and you say 'wow'."

He says the response has been unbelievable.

"The best part is when people comment, post on my feed, or message me saying they were a little down this Christmas because they saw the room really lifted her spirits," said Hanks. "I even had one single mother contact me and asked me to pray for her because she saw that I was an associate pastor. In talking with her I found out that her husband had left her she got fired from her job and had three young boys in an apartment. She didn’t ask for anything. She was asking me whether or not I had contacts to find a place near her that could help her. I told her I would look, she let me know that it was urgent because she wasn’t sure how she would feed her children that evening. I got on my Pizza Hut app and had a pizza delivered to her within the hour. She sent me a picture of her three boys eating the pizza and said thank you. That to me has been the overwhelming response and a huge blessing for me."

Hanks says he never considered anything remotely like the response the post has received.

The post already has almost 70,000 shares and over 10,000 comments.

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