Red River Parish man turns 105-years-old

Red River Parish man turns 105-years-old

RED RIVER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - A man in Red River Parish celebrated his 105th birthday Monday.

Earl C. Williams was born nearly two years before World War I on December 4, 1912.

Williams grew up in the Fairfield Alpha area south of Coushatta, LA.

He currently lives in a retirement home in Coushatta.

He was married for 72 years before his lovely wife passed away about 15 years ago.

He raised 7 children and was a long time cotton farmer in Natchitoches Parish.

Williams says there's always a job if you're motivated to put in hard work.

"I had so many jobs, " Williams said. "I come up on the farm. When I left home, I made a car mechanic. What you call a shade tree mechanic."

Williams says he later went on to work for the state of Louisiana working with the heavy equipment, building bridges and helping lay down tracks for trains all across the state.

His oldest daughter is 85 years old and his oldest granddaughter is 63.

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