Community bands together to raise money for 3-year-old's funeral

Community bands together to raise money for 3-year-old's funeral

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport community is coming together to help a mother lay her child to rest.

My'Miracle Jones, 3, died Saturday after suffering from a respiratory virus, pneumonia in her left lung, and a bladder infection.

"No mother or father should have to bury their own child. The child should be burying the mother and father," said My'Miracle's father Michael Lewis.

Her mother, Tammy Banks, says the family was not prepared to bury her daughter so soon.

"This was a real shock for my baby to be gone. We were looking forward to the holidays since they didn't give her six months to live and she lived three years," Lewis said.

Tuesday, Village Mart on Jewella Avenue helped Tammy and her family collect donations for her daughter's funeral expenses.

"They reached out to us and we just helped because that's the right thing to do… basically," said Village Mart employee Joshua Caldwell.

The store owners asked that 1400 people donate $1 each, and step-by-step people poured in.

"I saw it on Facebook and I came here to help," said Warmeka Grier a Shreveport woman who stopped by to donate.

Banks says she is grateful for the outpouring of support.

"I thank everybody, each and everybody for your support and help. Because if it wasn't for your help I wouldn't know what to do. I still wouldn't know."

Village Mart will accept more donations Wednesday on Tammy's behalf.

Banks also said that anyone who wishes can make a donation at Heavenly Gates funeral home under her name, or under the child's name, My'Miracle Banks.

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