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Fans react to the departure of Mississippi State's Dan Mullen

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Coach Dan Mullen's departure has been the hot topic among fans on social media and sports talk radio.

At College Corner in Ridgeland, State memorabilia is still flying off the shelves, despite the coaching change in Starkville.

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"He had a good run he's leaving the program in a lot better place than he inherited." said store owner Scott Werne.  "I think that's a testament of what he did and what he brought to that program."

Many fans understanding, but critical of Coach Dan Mullen's decision to become a Gator, despite denying his interest in the job in recent weeks.

"Dan was a great coach, he really was promoted state back into being decent in the SEC," said State fan Jimmy Aycock. "I have nothing against him going to Florida for a better job except for one thing, he lied.  He lied to the fans, lied to his players and that's the only problem I have."

"He brought the program together. He gave us some enthusiasm and for that, we'll always be grateful to him," said State fan Linda Swayles

For the Bulldog nation, it was a day they knew would come.  Mullen's departure just a little sooner than some expected or ever wanted.

Many fans wish Mullen good luck in his future job, except when they play the Bulldogs.

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