Popular Bossier City guitar store closing after 33 years in business

Popular Bossier City guitar store closing after 33 years in business
(Source: Jeff Ferrell/KSLA)
(Source: Jeff Ferrell/KSLA)
(Source: Jeff Ferrell/KSLA)
(Source: Jeff Ferrell/KSLA)

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - A guitar store is closing its doors after 33-years in business in Bossier City.

Many are familiar with the phrase "All good things must come to an end."

That ancient proverb is exactly what some say is happening at The String Shop on Benton Road in Central Bossier City, with its upcoming closure.

That explains why there's an "everything must go" sale underway before it shuts its doors for the last time after more than three decades of selling guitars and various musical equipment, along with repairs, custom work and a grocery list of other products and services.

"Been fighting for about a year and a half to keep it going and it's time," said co-owner Suzy Vargo.

Vargo explained that all-too-many Mom & Pop operations like theirs simply cannot compete, or even survive, in today's marketplace.

"(The) music industry, as we know it now," Vargo lamented, "is dying out."

That hurts long-time employees at the store like instructor Ryan Horton. He's worked for The String Shop even before the owners moved 10 years ago to their current location, next door to Tubbs Hardware, and right across the street from the city's Municipal Complex.

The original store location, where the store spent the first two decades of business, was located right at the corner of Benton Road and East Texas Street in Bossier City.

Horton revealed, "This is where I kind of, you know, etched out a name for myself in the local music community. So yeah, it's rough."

It's the personal touch that at least some customers still prefer to do their shopping, like 19-year-old Christian West.

West said this will be the second local music store to close on him in the last three years alone.

"I was kinda, I was sad. Basically sad," added West, in describing this latest store closure.

Vargo prides herself in knowing her customers very well.

She explained, "They want to go somewhere where, you know, they know they're not going to be taken advantage of. And everybody that has walked through this door is like family."

That's why Vargo and her husband Andy notified loyal customers first about the big blowout sale.

Store management estimated they have about $70,000 worth of merchandise that they hope to completely sell-off by the end of the year.

But they also give a reminder that it's first come, first serve. And they're not going to be restocking the shelves or taking returns. All sales are final.

Those loyal customers must now find a new store, hopefully locally owned again.

The final day open is scheduled to be January 13, 2018, to allow time for any pending gift cards.

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