Texarkana College expects no policy change in wake of shooting

Texarkana College expects no policy change in wake of shooting
(Source: Fred Gamble/KSLA News 12)
(Source: Fred Gamble/KSLA News 12)

TEXARKANA, TX (KSLA) - As police investigate a reported accidental shooting that wounded a student at Texarkana College Friday, the college president is defending the conceal and carry law on his campus.

According to James Henry Russell, the Texarkana College president, the student was inside his car showing the weapon to another student when the gun fired striking the student in the leg.

"He injured himself which is bad but much better than an innocent bystander," said TC president Russell.

Russell says the student was not a licensed concealed handgun holder.

"Anyone trained and familiar with a firearm knows you just don't play with a gun, you keep it secured," said president Russell.

This year TC, like other Texas colleges, established rules governing the carrying of firearms on campus.

This incident will not change the way TC view the carrying of weapons on campus, according to the president.

"Our policy and procedures we feel are very adequate. They are in place and pulling a handgun out inside a vehicle to show to a friend falls nowhere in state law and or in the school's policy, so we hope an incident like this will never occur again," said president Russell.

The accidental shooting apparently has not shaken the safety conscious of students KSLA talked with on campus.

"I didn't feel like my safety was taken away from me," said TC student Harley Brazille.

"If you don't play with them that stuff won't happen. They are not toys," said Tulso Wilmoth, a TC student.

The college police department is investigating the shooting. The president said charges could be filed against the student.

"But everyone is responsible for their own safety, so if a student sees anyone with a firearm, they need to call 911. They need to call our police department. They need to let a professor know," said Russell.

Russell later said the wounded student is expected to return to school later this week.

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