Council discussing bid to have Crump removed as police chief

Council discussing bid to have Crump removed as police chief

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Should he stay or should he go?

That's a question the Shreveport City Council is being asked to consider this week after one of its members filed a resolution stating he has no confidence in Police Chief Alan Crump.

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Council members could take a vote on the matter when they meet Tuesday.

Councilman William Bradford says that crime in the city is not improving and that Crump isn't taking the steps necessary to address and prevent it.

Citizens feel like hostages in the homes because of the crime, the councilman added.

"They wake up every morning hoping something will be done about this 'Wild Wild West' violent culture."

Bradford's resolution seeks Crump's resignation as police chief.

"It's a symbolic vote but not a symbolic vote in that we need to send a message that we are not happy with the direction of the police chief's performance."

Councilman Jerry Bowman also recently sent a letter to Mayor Ollie Tyler seeking that Crump be relieved of his duties as police chief.

Bowman was rushed to the hospital during Monday's work session.

The other council members did not speak during the meeting, nor did they want to comment about the resolution to KSLA News 12.

A vote of no confidence previously has been discussed among council members, Bradford said.

Only the mayor can remove the police chief.

And Mayor Ollie Tyler declined to comment until after Tuesday's meeting.

Crump also declined to comment.

One citizen did speak up on Crump's behalf.

Thomas Sweeney, of the National Association for the Advancement of God's People, called for skilled trades to be taught in schools.

"This is not his fault. The law started this along with Eazy and Dr. Dre.

"As far as what's happening in the black community, it's our responsibility," Sweeney said. "Our generation created this."

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