'Golden Age' shares hugs and thank yous with veterans

'Golden Age' shares hugs and thank yous with veterans
Golden Age Ministries delivered nealry 100 gift bags to veterans
Golden Age Ministries delivered nealry 100 gift bags to veterans

Sisters Shannon Walls and Sommer Graham are on a military mission of their own.

"We have 96 veterans," begins Sommer, explaining how they're visiting nearly 100 veterans in a single day to pass out hugs, thank yous and gift bags.

"We love being able to serve our seniors and our vets," says Sommer.

The sisters started the non-profit Golden Age Ministries about two years ago. It's what you'd call a 'gap' ministry. They help area seniors in need by filling financial, emotional and spiritual gaps left by other area non-profits and organizations.

You see so many seniors in need and they don't have family to take care of them," adds Sommer. And without skipping a beat, her sister Shannon finishes Sommer's thought for her.

"And we can be that missing family member for them to count on."

On the Friday before Veterans Day, their goal is to visit all of the veterans who lived in roughly 20 different residential, assisted, or nursing homes all around Shreveport-Bossier City. They just want to let them know they're appreciated.

"We want to bridge the gap between the young and the old," says Sommer. "They raised this generation. And this generation needs to come back and love them."

One after one, Sommer and Shannon shook hands, hugged and talked with veterans who served from World War II to various wars in the Middle East, including Merwyn Williams who shared what dodging bombs were like in Vietnam.

"Being scared all the time, my job was fixing airstrips at Da Nang Air Base. They were trying to blow up the airstrips to stop our supplies," remembers Williams.

And hugs were shared with Air Force veteran Jim Guin who served in Greenland and New Foundland in the late 50's.

"I had just turned 17 when I went in," says Guin.

Shannon and Sommer have never been far from the military life.

"We're from a huge military family," explains Sommer.

Their dad, Ron Adams was an army veteran who served in Vietnam. And their brother Chris Adams spent 20 years in army, many of those as an Airborne Army Ranger and sniper. Both have since passed away, Adams when he was only in his early 40's.

"He passed away from PTSD," shares Shannon, explaining part of their motivation in reaching out to senior veterans and to continue sharing the mission of the Golden Age Ministries.

"That is the main mission that everyone we encounter hears, the good news of the gospel," smiles Shannon.

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