Many hope for a strong final weekend at State Fair of LA

Many hope for a strong final weekend at State Fair of LA

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - It's been an up and down year at this year's Louisiana State Fair in Shreveport. Now comes the home stretch on this final weekend for the fair, held at Fairgrounds Field in Shreveport.

The fair wraps up Friday and Saturday night at 11 p.m. and then runs from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on the final day of the fair:  Sunday, Nov. 12.

The final Friday of the Louisiana State Fair was picture perfect, leading to hopes of dry conditions to end this year's fair. Unlike last year's perfect weather, this time it's been a bit more challenging for fair organizers, vendors and visitors alike.

The first week was a bit down from last year, while the second week was very good, according to General Manager Chris Giordano. He said they're counting on a strong closing weekend to hopefully reach or at least approach last year's attendance and revenue figures.

After talking with food vendors, it was apparent that not all foods are sold at the same rate. Turkey leg sales, for example, have been hot and cold. But it's still seen as a must by many, including local father Greg Wilson.

"If you've never gone to the state fair you gotta have one of these. It's gotta be that way," said Wilson, with a grin.

And some fairgoers have clear objectives. Just ask Barbara Young.

"I want to try those funnel cakes," Young said laughing. "And see how much sugar I can get all over my face.

We spoke with some fairgoers who told us they've noticed a big difference in this year's event.

"There's more food, more, funner rides for the kids," said George Bell. So, it's pretty much something to do."

Food vendor Richard Cormier said, rain or shine, every year is good.

"I was fortunate," Cormier said. "My father was a truck driver. He taught me very young, very young, life's what you make it."

That's why Cormier said he does not count up money from day to day, but only after the carnival season ends and he's back home.

Some vendors even have a secret weapon to lure in more customers - bubbles.

Scott Birdwell, an employee for the souvenir vendor Wee Dazzle, described to us, "I usually have a bubble gun going. Yeah, it's just, it's all in the bubbles."

Giordano said they won't have any final attendance and revenue figures until after the fair ends.

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