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Resolution filed asking for Shreveport Chief of Police's resignation

(Source: KSLA News 12) (Source: KSLA News 12)

A Shreveport city councilman has officially filed a resolution for the consideration of appointing a new chief of police for the city of Shreveport.

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Councilman Willie Bradford's resolution asks Mayor Ollie Tyler to seek Chief Alan Crump's resignation. 

The resolution reads the Shreveport City Council "100 percent supports our police department" but does not feel that Chief Crump put forth the necessary planning, strategies and programs to reduce a homicide rate that's on a "record-breaking" pace, and violent crimes.

"Our resolution for a vote of no confidence for the chief but unequivocal support for the Shreveport Police Department. I did not want anyone, the citizens, to believe that we didn't think the police department was doing a great job," Bradford told KSLA.

Indeed, the resolution reads "we believe in the men and women in the police department, and they deserve to be under the charge of someone who will lead them in the right direction."

Bradford said he filed the resolution after polling his fellow council members about Chief Crump's performance since the mayor selected him almost one year ago.

According to the resolution, "crime rates in Shreveport are not improving....Shreveport homicide rate is on a record-breaking pace, and other violent crimes are also on the increase. Chief Alan Crump has not put forth the necessary planning, strategies and programs to reduce these rates."

"His strategies and his planning is very minimum in addressing the escalating issues that we are facing and because of his lack of experience," Bradford said.

This resolution was filed the day after KSLA first showed dash cam video of Chief Crump firing his weapon while chasing a burglary suspect back on October 30.

Bradford told KSLA he did not file this resolution for a vote of no confidence in the chief as a result of the video but he did say it disturbed him.

"Our citizens don't feel safe. Crime is escalating. Homicides are on a rate to exceed a ten-year pattern and the chief of police is out on a foot chase when the next day we had some more burglaries. I think it's a misplace of priorities," he said.

Ultimately, Bradford acknowledged that even if the council passes the resolution, it has no authority to force Chief Crump out of office.

He said that power is in the hands of Mayor Tyler and, should the resolution pass, Bradford said he hopes she will follow through.

The vote of no-confidence is expected to be discussed during the next Shreveport City Council meeting with a start time of 3 p.m. on Nov. 14.

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