Fitness Challenge Friday: Miracle Bike Tour

Fitness Challenge Friday: Miracle Bike Tour

HAUGHTON, LA (KSLA) - This week for Fitness Challenge Friday, Shayne was challenged by the Children's Miracle Network at Christus to complete its 27-mile miracle bike your in Haughton.  Over a hundred riders showed up on October 20th.  Proceeds went to benefit the Children's Miracle Network, which raising funds for children's hospitals.

In this week's fitness food tips, shares drinks that you may not think of, that could be bad for you.  Here are a few:

  • Hot Cocoa
  • Sweet Tea
  • Sweetened non-dairy milks
  • Tonic Water

Click here for a full list.

If you have a fitness challenge for Shayne, email me him at or send a message to his Facebook page.

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