Judge finds Kelvin Brown II guilty of second-degree murder of ex-girlfriend

Judge finds Kelvin Brown II guilty of second-degree murder of ex-girlfriend

NORTH LOUISIANA (KSLA) - A Caddo Parish judge has just convicted a Bossier Parish man for the stabbing death of his former girlfriend, 33-year-old Alicia West.

Kelvin Dewayne Brown II, 29, of Benton was found guilty of second-degree murder Thursday morning.

"We are very happy with the outcome verdict… we've been looking for closure and so this is about to bring closure to us knowing that he'll be put away and he won't be able to hurt anybody else again.," said Charles Warren, West's uncle.

Brown chose to skip a jury trial and let a Caddo District Court judge determine whether he is guilty.

Police say West was killed shortly after she ended their relationship in Dec. 2014. Investigators say the suspect was obsessed with his West and was 'lying in wait' to attack her once she returned to her West Shreveport home.

"This case has been so important for us in the district attorney's office because it has been one of the worst instances of domestic violence that either of us have ever seen," said Assistant District Attorney Britney Green.

During 4 days of intense testimony, the prosecution painted a picture of West in an abusive relationship with Brown.

"Before she died there was actually 5 temporary restraining orders filed before various courts in this area trying to prevent this gentleman from attacking or stalking her in these kinds of situations," said Assistant District Attorney Ron Stamps.

West's family says they have waited 3 years for justice to be served.

"Her death brought on in an enormous expense, and it is taking me some time, but I finally am able to get a headstone for her grave so she can have a final resting place, where she'll be revisited knowing and we can have our memories... knowing that she can rest in peace now."

The defense did not present any witnesses.

Brown's sentencing is on Nov. 7. In Louisiana, second-degree murder carries an automatic life sentence.


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