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Shreveport woman sentenced to 10 years for drug distribution

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A Shreveporter will spend the next ten years behind bars after being found guilty of distributing drugs.

Guadalupe Ponte, 27, was sentenced to 120 months in prison for distributing methamphetamine, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office Western District of Louisiana. In addition, she was also sentenced to five years of supervised release. 

Ponte pled guilty. DEA drug task force agents learned that Ponte was distributing meth in Shreveport. Agents were able to record Ponte setting up sales and meeting a codefendant, Rogelio Lopez, 47 of Longview, Texas.

Agents arrested the pair when they arrived at a hotel when they arrived in separate vehicles. Agents found 82.9 grams of meth in Lopez's car. A gun along with an infant was found in Ponte's car. At her home, agents found 326.6 grams in her home.

Lopez later amditted to suppling Ponte with meth. She admitted to owning the firearm and selling meth to Lopez.

Lopez was charged in August to 65 months in prison and five years of supervised release.

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