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Big 3 coaches on the mic for Media Monday

The Big 3 were all on the mic Monday.

Mississippi State has a crossover SEC matchup, it's Magnolia Bowl week for Ole Miss, while Southern Miss prepares for the Rivalry in Dixie.

Dan Mullen, Matt Luke, and Jay Hopson addressed the media for their weekly press conference.

Dan Mullen - Mississippi State vs. Kentucky (Saturday 3pm SEC Network)

"Their guys believe that they're going to win, it's a lot how we've built our program here. You can see a lot of similarities between our two programs. I had a couple year head start on em, but you see they're really starting to get that way. Be a big challenge for us. Obviously it was a tough game for us last year up there. Went right down the wire, and we seemed to have some tough battles with them year in and year out. Hopefully for us, the benefit we have being at home, second week in a row. Hopefully we get a huge crowd."

Matt Luke - Ole Miss vs. #24 LSU (Saturday 6:15pm ESPN)

"LSU, lot of respect for Coach Orgeron. Worked for him for a year. I was his recruiting coordinator, obviously very energetic guy, learned a lot from him. I think our challenge is to carry on the momentum of our last six quarters. The challenge after a win is not let a win mask some of the mistakes you made. Continue to get better week in, week out...there's still a lot of improvements we have to make offensively and defensively."

Jay Hopson - Southern Miss at Louisiana Tech (Saturday 6pm STADIUM)

"Both teams are in the same division, and you play for the same thing. So that's for the fans regardless of football. We just know that it's another good football team we have to play."

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