Study will look at bringing YMCA to North Bossier City

Study will look at bringing YMCA to North Bossier City

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - Bossier City officials want to hold a feasibility study to see what it would take to bring a YMCA to North Bossier.

City council is currently in the process of passing an ordinance that would allow a consulting firm to come in and do the study.

Pam Glorioso is the Chief Administrative Officer for Bossier City and says this is something they've wanted to have for the last 8 years.

"At that time we weren't quite ready for it, and the Y wasn't either. Since then, fast forward to 2016-17, they built the building they're at now, and we went back to socialize the idea with them, and they like the idea of coming back to Bossier," Glorioso said.

Shreveport recently unveiled a massive 70,000 square foot YMCA on East Preston street.

Glorioso says this new building would add an extra 1,500 square feet, and they already know where to put it.

"This building would be situated there on North Bossier Park. When we had the conversation with the Y eight years ago, we knew that we should probably lay out a footprint for it. So the roads are actually designed for it to sit down there," Glorioso said.

"We as a city come to the table with the land. So what we want to do is structure a deal which will offer the land to them at a lease rate for the building to be built on that will serve both the Y and the community."

Glorioso says she also believes a new YMCA would spur on even more commercial development for the already growing area.

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