First Look: Demolition underway at Sci-Port

First Look: Demolition underway at Sci-Port

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Sci-Port is knee-deep in a makeover.

Louisiana's Science Center has been closed since Labor Day for renovations.

It's part of the new management agreement announced with Planet Aqua Group this summer.

Demolition is underway in the Red River Gallery where there used to be aquatic creatures, the Red River boat exhibit and a small theater.

It's the first spot to be demolished and is the area that will see the most dramatic change.

"As part of revamping a lot of what you see in Sci-Port, demolition has to be one of the first steps," said Jake Wood, of Planet Aqua Group.

"We've been removing flooring. We've been removing some of the exhibits that were hardwired and plumbed into the flooring as well. We're removing some of the walls, a staircase."

Other areas will only see some aesthetic and layout changes.

"There's a lot of good bones here as far as the structure is concerned in Sci-Port," Wood said. "So there's some areas that we're not going to have to go into to do a full demolition to pull out full pieces of the area. So that's going to be very limited as far as when we are just taking an area and just white boxing it."

Work also is underway to refurbish Sci-Port's exhibits. Crews began packing up exhibits as soon as Sci-Port closed on Labor Day and sending them off for repairs. New exhibits and programming  also are being identified.

The changes are expected to be completed by the TOAST event at the end of December.

But there's still plenty of restructuring and remodeling to do.

"There's been activity here every single day, and there are a lot of pieces that are moving. It's not a linear process in creating the new vision for Sci-Port," Wood said.

New programming is also being planned for the IMAX theater, which should reopen sometime this month.

Job fairs still are planned for November once officials finish administrative restructuring.

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