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Ole Miss announces Landshark as official mascot

Source: The University of Mississippi Source: The University of Mississippi

Ole Miss Chancellor Jeff Vitter has announced that the Landshark will be the university's new mascot. 

"The results of the Landshark poll confirm the sentiments that Ross and I have heard since arriving on campus — that the Landshark and “Fins Up” have become synonymous with the positive spirit and strength of our athletics program and the “Never Quit” attitude of Rebel Nation," Vitter said in his announcement Friday. 

The announcement follows a student government led poll that endorsed the Landshark as the new mascot. The university then sought input from the executive committees of the Ole Miss Alumni Association, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and the Spirit Squad head coaches. Vitter says that in each case, the support for the Landshark was unanimous. 

"Today, I’m excited to announce that we will move forward with the Landshark as the official mascot and retire Rebel the Bear," said Vitter. "Athletics will be charged with designing, developing, and launching the Landshark mascot, with an anticipated unveiling before the 2018 season."

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