SPD officer goes the extra mile to help 90-year-old woman after burglary

SPD officer goes the extra mile to help 90-year-old woman after burglary

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A 90-year-old woman was targeted by a thief who took everything of value out of her rental home. In response, a Shreveport police officer decided to do more than just go after the bad guy.

Miss Fannie, as she's known, recently allowed a person she considers a distant family member to stay in her home for a while. However when he went missing roughly a week ago, so did Miss Fannie's jewelry, bedding, silverware, clothes and about $500.

"She was in tears. She kept telling me about her silverware that was stolen and TV that was stolen," explains Shreveport police Cpl. Christian Hicks.

"I went and looked in my closet and everything I had in there was gone," Miss Fannie recalls. "I'm 90-years-old. Why would he do it?"

Cpl. Hicks could have just written up the report and turned it in. But he didn't.

"Something inside me told me, I couldn't let this ride. This wasn't your average call and I needed to something more," adds Hicks.

Cpl. Hicks and his wife decided they would, at the very least, buy groceries for Miss Fannie who hardly had any food in her fridge or pantry. But Katie didn't stop there.

"I got with the Facebook and had to something," Katie adds.

Katie posted on the Broadmoor Neighborhood Facebook page about Miss Fannie being burglarized. And within days, fellow Broadmoor neighbors reached into their own pockets to help replace many of the stolen items, including her TV.

"It's amazing what she did," Cpl Hicks begins about his wife.

Needless to say, Miss Fannie was overwhelmed with all of the attention and help.

"When all this love showed up," explain Miss Fannie, pointing at Cpl Hicks, his wife, and others, "the tears went away and a good spirit came to me."

Miss Fannie even agreed to help from Golden Age Ministries who helped get her moved into a safer place to live, a nearby assisted living center.

"Through someone taking from her, she's getting this community to love on her, getting something she so desperately needs and deserves," says Summer Graham with Golden Age Ministries.

And it's given Cpl. Hicks something very needed as well, a restoration of his faith in humanity.

"You see a lot of stuff with this job that makes you question life in general. But to come across Miss Fannie, she's a breath of fresh air and lets me know there is still good in this world."

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