Rally to support Caddo Confederate monument slated for Saturday

Rally to support Caddo Confederate monument slated for Saturday

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Members of the Gulf Coast Patriot Network plan to rally in support of the Confederate monument outside the Caddo Parish Courthouse on Saturday morning.

The rally's organizer, Rex Dukes, said the "Confederate States of America Rally to be United as One" will take place next to the monument outside the courthouse from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

"This is a call out to all southern states, to all citizen's of the Confederate States of America to come to Shreveport, La to stand united as one. And to all U.S. citizens that love history and wants it to be preserved and cherished to stand with us to protect our monuments and our southern [hertige]," the event's Facebook page reads.

In anticipation of the rally, Caddo Parish authorities report they will begin erecting metal and wooden barricades around the courthouse Friday evening.

Caddo Parish Public Information Officer Krystle Grindley said in a statement that this effort is due to the GCPN not agreeing to parish permit policy which absolves the parish of any liability.

"The Gulf Coast Patriot Network did not wish to comply with the parish policy for permits, which states that all parties interested in using parish grounds must sign a hold harmless agreement," Grindley wrote.

Here is a copy of the agreement:

"In the interest of protecting parish property, metal and wooden barricades will be placed around the perimeter of the courthouse grounds on Friday evening."

Other groups wrote on Facebook that they plan to join the GCPN at the rally, including the Confederate Supporters, Louisiana Patriot Militia, Sons of Confederate Veterans and Daughters of the Confederacy.

One group called the Rising South wrote that this rally should be devoid of extremism.

"Please no white supremacist or Nazi crap we're trying to save this monument," their Facebook event reads.

"To any extremists that want to come here, don't. You're not welcome," Dukes told KSLA. "You will be asked to leave. You're not welcome here, period. That ain't what this is about. This is about our history, our culture and keeping it in place. You cannot learn from history if it's gone. You can only learn from history by having it in front of you."

At the moment, there are no confirmed reports of any counter-protesters planning to be there.

The GCPN's Facebook event reads they hope this rally will draw a large, united crowd of people in support of the Confederate monument's historic value.

"This event must go down in the history as the largest gathering of southerners to ever happen," it reads.

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