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Fitness Challenge Friday: Orange Theory


This week's Fitness Challenge Friday took Shayne to Orange Theory in Shreveport. The program lets you see exactly how hard you're working so that you're inspired to increase your efforts and maintain your workout routine. 

The heart-rate monitored training is backed by science. You have a heart monitor strapped to you, and the number of calories you've burned will be displayed on a screen alongside your heart rate. You move through five zones: gray, blue, green, orange and red. 

The goal is to keep your heart rate in the orange and red zones for 12-20 minutes. 

The benefit of such an intense workout is that even after you've exercised, your body will still exert energy and take in oxygen to repair your muscles, which is why you'll continue to burn calories for 24 to 36 hours after your workout.  Anyone can join the classes.  Orange Theory is located at 1370 E. 70th street-suite 1000 in Shreveport.  For more information visit their website or Facebook page. You can also call (318) 716-7776.  Your first class is free. 

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