Harvey evacuees returning to Texas

Harvey evacuees returning to Texas

LOUISIANA (KSLA) - Evacuees staying in Louisiana shelters are on their way back to Texas, as the two states partner to transport the survivors to a shelter in Dallas.

The Texas survivors have been staying in the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services', DCFS, Alexandria mega-shelter and Jewella shelter in Shreveport.

Transportation of the survivors from Louisiana to Texas began Tuesday morning and will continue through Thursday, until everyone is back in their home state, according to a statement from DCFS.

Small dogs and cats will be crated and boarded on the buses with their owners. Large dogs, birds and exotic pets will be transported separately by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

The statement goes on to say the evacuees will be taken to a reception center in Mesquite, Texas, then to a shelter in Dallas.

Only service animals will be allowed in the shelter. There will be animal control personnel outside the shelter who will collect animals and shelter them nearby.

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