Red Cross shelter in Shreveport still open to those in need

Red Cross shelter in Shreveport still open to those in need
The American Red Cross opened a Hurricane Harvey evacuee shelter the afternoon of Aug. 29 at Morning Star Baptist Church, 5340 Jewella Ave. in Shreveport. (Source: KSLA News 12)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Leaders with the Red Cross shelter in Shreveport say they are prepared to keep the shelter open as long as people need it.

The shelter is located at Morning Star Baptist Church at 5340 Jewella Avenue.

So far, the shelter has been utilized by people including Charles Green and his family who say they are appreciative of the shelter considering the uncertainty that awaits them at their home in Houston.

"We don't know what we're going back to. We don't know what we're faced with," said Green.

Green says he and his family have been in Louisiana since the Harvey rains hit Houston on Friday. They went to a hotel for a little while and then the shelter.

Red Cross officials say they hope to give those facing the unknown a place to get a warm meal, rest and regroup.

"So often right at the very beginning, you're focused on what you lost. This gives them that break, it gives them that chance to plan that recovery and gives them the chance to plan where they need to go next," said the executive director of North Louisiana Red Cross Michelle Davison.

Part of the planning includes helping the families get access to resources such as FEMA recovery funds.

Davison says the shelter saw as many as 22 people Thursday, but they expect that number to go down as people start to return home.

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