Burn chamber set to leave Camp Minden soon

Burn chamber set to leave Camp Minden soon
The burn chamber arrived at Camp Minden in February of 2016 as part of a plan to dispose of millions of pounds of explosive materials. (Source: Louisiana State Police)

CAMP MINDEN, LA (KSLA) - Nearly five years after the first in a series of explosions at Camp Minden that shook the ArkLaTex, the discovery of propellant, the burn and debate over what to do next has finally reached the end of the road — almost.

Soon the burn chamber at Camp Minden will be taken apart and shipped away now that the massive task of destroying 15.6 million of pounds of artillery propellant is over.

According to a statement released by the Louisiana Army National Guard, removal of the burn chamber does not necessarily require the chamber to be completely dismantled, only enough to get it moved.

In communities surrounding Camp Minden there's been one common reaction to word that the burn chamber will soon be gone.

"Well, I'm happy they're moving it out (laugh)" said a smiling local resident, Brandi Guice.

State Representative Gene Reynolds echoed Guice's reaction. In fact, Reynolds promised he would deliver a message from Major General Glenn Curtis, Adjutant General of the Louisiana Army National Guard.

"He wanted me to tell everybody up here that under no circumstances would that burn chamber stay," said Reynolds.

Reynolds said he's also been told that at least three different companies want to buy the burn chamber and move it out of state, with one wanting to take it out of the country. He then explained that General Curtis gave him a general time frame.

"He told me 30 days or less that it would start to happen, that the tear down would begin and also once the tear down begins they'll know what company will have it," Reynolds said.

The U.S. Justice Department must still reimburse Louisiana the $3 million to pay for this final stage of work.

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