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CPSO seeks public’s help in investigating death of 2-year-old girl

2-year-old Trinity 2-year-old Trinity
2-year-old Trinity 2-year-old Trinity

The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office is asking for the public's help as they investigate the death of a 2-year-old girl. 

Authorities, who wished not to reveal her full name, say Trinity passed away at Willis-Knighton North on Sunday, July 23rd.  Detectives say she had a head injury which led to bleeding in the brain. 

The Sheriff's Office is investigating a report that the child fell off a wagon at a trail ride on Highway 5 in Gloster the day before. She was reportedly taken home after that trail ride and a family member found her suffering from some medical issues later that night. 

"It's still kind of undetermined what would have caused the head injury that lead to baby Trinity passing," said CPSO Detective Jared Marshall.  

Detectives are asking you for any pictures or video you may have shot at that trail ride. They believe 100 to 200 people were there.

"We don't necessarily care about whatever is going in the videos or images. This is nothing that anybody is going to see but law enforcement. It's just going to give us an extra window into that night to find out if we can identify anything that may help us," explained CPSO Detective Jared Marshall. 

"It could be that one image or video that has her in the background, her doing something, that may give us some additional answers," he continued.

Marshall says Trinity's death is still an open investigation. 

"We are still open to any possibilities. That's why we are asking for the public's help because we are still trying to determine what caused those head injuries."

 If you have information, please contact Detective Jared Marshall at 318-681-0700 or jared.marshall@caddosheriff.org. 

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