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Records say Claiborne parish escapee had history of disciplinary violations

Deltra Henderson, 39 (Source: Union Parish Sheriff's Office) Deltra Henderson, 39 (Source: Union Parish Sheriff's Office)

According to the disciplinary record of the prison trusty that abducted and killed a young woman, he had a list of violations during his incarceration. 

39-year-old Deltra Henderson was incarcerated at the David Wade Corrections Center in Homer when he attempted to escape last Thursday, taking 19-year-old Amanda Carney hostage, eventually killing her. Henderson had been incarcerated at the corrections center since 2001.  He was a trustee there, which afforded more privileges for his good behavior.

He also had a "good time" release date in 2025.

But according to his disciplinary record — provided to KSLA by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections — shows he had seven disciplinary violations during his incarceration.

According to his record, Henderson had committed two violations in 2003 and 2008. In 2010, he had an aggravated Disobedience violation.

He also violated the Contraband rule once in 2006.

The record also reads that in 2008, Henderson broke Rule 21A which reads: "Contact by any offender of any person without the person's consent or of a person who unable to consent or refuse through coercion is strictly prohibited."

In less than a year, from 2011 to 2012. the record shows Henderson twice violated Rule 30W. LDPSC officials describe that rule as a catch-all disciplinary rule that states: "Any behavior not specifically enumerated herein."

For all of these violations, his disciplinary record shows how each time he was punished with losses of privileges such as weeks without access to the recreational yard or the prison canteen.

Questions regarding Henderson's status as a trusty to LDPSC have not been returned.

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