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'No Excuses': Police union uses video to lobby for pay raises


The Shreveport Police Officers Association is using a video to lobby for higher base pay for officers.

The video released Monday claims all talk about Shreveport police pay raises have been just that, talk, and demands an end to alleged excuses.

"We've been vetoed. We've been voted down. Now we've been neglected," union President Michael Carter said. "We reached a critical point now to where there's no other alternative."

The union's video also points out how starting pay for Shreveport officers falls below that of dozens of East Texas police departments.

Now the union is putting forward a proposal calling for the city to spend $1.85 million more in 2018 to increase the starting pay of all officers under the rank of assistant chief.

That extra money would mean about $1,000 a year for each officer and recruit, Carter said.

Under the union's proposal::

  • recruits' annual base pay of $27,000 would increase to $27,804 a year,
  • officers' annual base pay of $39,000 would increase to $40,008 a year,
  • corporals' annual base pay of $42,504 would increase to $44,484 a year,
  • sergeants' annual base pay of $44,700 would increase to $48,828 a year,
  • lieutenants' annual base pay of $48,096 would increase to $52,680 a year, and,
  • captains' annual base pay of $53,004 would increase to $56,880 a year.

"That would get us moving toward the average pay," Carter said. "If you cannot reach average pay, then you will never get to a competitive wage."

Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler said that the city's police officers already receive a 2 percent raise annually after serving for three years.

"But we're still trying to find more funding to give raises to police officers."

That 2 percent raise after several years isn't enough to keep officers in Shreveport and away from higher-paying police departments in the region and beyond, Carter said.

"We're very grateful for the 2% and for every year that it's been given over the years," he said. 

"The fact is that is not getting the base pay to where it needs to be to retain the police officers. We have 13-year, 15-year, 20-year officers leaving this department. If the 2% was getting us there. They would not be leaving."

Tyler noted that the city has successfully recruited dozens of new officers to the department.

"This fall, we've recruited more than 40 that will be entering into a class And we hope we can keep most of those."

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