Giant garage sale on Saturday intends to help missionary's family

Giant garage sale on Saturday intends to help missionary's family

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A community is banding together to raise funds for a Keithville man's family for his safe return home.

From dolls to dresses and everything in-between, it all goes up for sale on Saturday to support the family of Zach Wilson.

He's the Caddo Parish man detained at the airport when hunting ammunition was discovered in his backpack while trying to return home from a week-long mission trip to Guatemala back in March.

His family has said it was an honest mistake and he forgot the ammunition was in there from a prior hunting trip back home.

Zach's family told us what they fear the most. "That they would give him a 15 year sentence," said Zach's sister Erin Curren.

Further complicating the situation: Zach suffers from ulcerative colitis--inflammation of the colon, and reportedly endured severe hydration while in jail.

"Sick enough to where, you know, his organs were about to shut down," added Curren.

All the items for sale were donated in just two days in what's described as a giant garage sale, of sorts.  It's set up at Emmanuel Baptist Church on Buncombe Road in southwest Shreveport.

Wilson's family is surprised at the outpouring of support. That included Zach's uncle Russ Lee.

Lee told us, "Zachary is typically one that gives the love and support. He's helped out so many people, very generous human being, very loving human being, that he's getting that back.">

Money raised will help Zach's family with the mounting bills. "We're trying to compensate for lost wages, and you know, so he gets back whatever was taken from him, you know, in this four month time or longer," said Curren.

Zach's family says a court hearing in Guatemala had to be canceled on Friday because there was no interpreter available for Wilson.

His family has been told a trial could happen this fall, likely in September or October.

That garage sale runs from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m..

Wilson's family has started a petition to get a response from the White House and a GoFundMe page to raise money for Zach's legal fees, medical care in Guatemala, as well as help with family expenses back here at home.

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