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Jacob Hester 1 on 1 Sessions

Jacob Hester 1 on 1 Sessions


Jacob Hester shared his football knowledge with several young athletes on Saturday at D1 sports complex.

Jacob Hester is a retired NFL player, he won a national title with the LSU Tigers back in 2008. He also ran over guys back in High school with the Evangel Eagles.

Now he works for the Media and will be doing Pregame and Postgame work for the LSU football team. He also

Pre game and Post game for LSU football team, he's also on the radio with Tim Fletcher on Wednesdays.

In between his busy schedule he is still making time for the kids in this area.

"It's important to be able to have some of that 1 on 1 time and we want to do these things throughout the year. We don't want to make this where we used to do one big camp, we want to have things where we can keep teaching and helping these young guys out 1 on 1," said Hester.

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