KSLA Salutes: "Beastmaster" contestant encourages others to never give up

KSLA Salutes: "Beastmaster" contestant encourages others to never give up
(Source: Marie Waxel/KSLA News 12)
(Source: Marie Waxel/KSLA News 12)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - You might know Ken Corigliano from seeing him at the new YMCA in Shreveport or from his stint on reality TV.

Corigliano was a contestant on Sylvester Stallone's Ultimate Beastmaster. He came in first on episode nine and was named Beastmaster. However, he was injured in the finale, falling short of being named as UltimateBeastmaster.

He said that landing that role came from some personal setbacks, including failing his first Air Force fitness test in Officer training.

"It was really embarrassing to me to have failed my fitness test, so that really motivated me to never ever not be fit and also in the rest of my life to be ready for anything and be prepared," Corigliano said.

On the show, he was given the nickname, "Air Force Ken."

"So my last name is kind a hard to pronounce so the announcers were just like OK you're Air Force Ken now," he said. "I really liked it though because it lets everyone know that I'm not a professional at this — I'm serving our country. I'm a father and a husband on the sun on the godfather I'm just like everybody else."

He went on to say that the show was one of the hardest experiences in his life.

"There's so many elements that I've never encountered before cameras, lights, timeline, celebrities," he said. "The amount of talent that showed up there was incredible and I was just I'm I'm a guy that types on the computer all day what can I possibly do against all these guys."

Corigliano recently moved to Shreveport-Bossier. In his downtime, he's always looking for ways to grow and better those around him. One of the most important lessons that he tries to teach is for people to never give up.

"It's OK to fail," he said. "Failing is a learning experience, it's the motivation behind the failure. So instead of getting disenfranchised, empower yourself and you need to find a reason to reach that goal and that reason has it consume you every day so that it makes you wake up with the fire in your stomach. That's really the missing link in the process to get to that goal. It's got to be fun and if you have those three ingredients you'll succeed."

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