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Hot air balloon lands in Shreveport driveway

(Source: Deborah Youngblood) (Source: Deborah Youngblood)
(Source: Deborah Youngblood) (Source: Deborah Youngblood)

As Shreveport-Bossier prepares for the Red River Balloon Rally, one woman got a front row seat to the action from her kitchen window. 

Deborah Youngblood of Shreveport shared pictures with KSLA News 12 of a hot air balloon after it landed in her driveway. 

The surprise came one day before the U.S. Hot Air Balloon Nationals flies over Shreveport-Bossier. 

According to the executive director of the Shreveport-Bossier sporting commission, who brings the even to the area, a hot air balloon landing in a neighborhood is nothing uncommon. 

Executive Director Kelly Wells says balloon pilots will be taking off from different areas and attempting to reach targets as part of a contest. 

Wells says the pilots take off from a public area with permission from the city and the parish. After reaching the targets, the p[ilots have to figure out a place to land. He says that balloons are aircraft, therefore they have permission to land. In this case, the place was Youngblood's driveway.

He adds if neighbors want to open their yards up to hot air balloon pilots, they can lay out a white sheet in their yard. Wells explains that if a balloon lands in a neighborhood, the balloons are not crashing.

Wells also assured neighbors that the chase crew tries not to land in backyards or drive on the grass. Crews and neighbors are asked to be hospitable during the event of a landing. 

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