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Locals react after citywide prayer vigil on Shreveport crime

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The day after the citywide prayer vigil on fighting crime, organizers call it a big success.

As Shreveport approaches 30 homicides for the year in Shreveport, on Thursday night the community kicked off a series of full-blown prayer vigils. Vigil organizers said they called for the event in southwest Shreveport in what they're already describing as one of the most violent years in recent history.

"Everybody prayed with such emotion and such power and such anointing that it was just, it was a God thing," said Organizer Debra Kelly.

"The event was amazing," said Reverend Eugene McBride, the head pastor here at New Life Tabernacle Church.

McBride told us after such a successful event, concrete plans followed by after school tutoring, mentoring programs are the only ways to truly reach the city's younger population.

Pastor McBride said such specifics will begin to come out starting next week and beyond.

Organizers have said they're hoping the vigil will be the first of 10 such events throughout different parts of the city in the coming weeks. 

They're hoping the next one will be in the Mooretown neighborhood, then Cedar Grove.

But organizers, like Kelly, say perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome is fear; a sometimes paralyzing fear that stops good people from reporting crimes to police.

"Because they don't want to snitch or they don't want retaliation," Kelly said. "But there are avenues that you can go to that will ensure total anonymity. Crime Stoppers is one of them," concluded Kelly.

And reporting crime, they say, is the best way to begin stopping the cycle of violence by getting more criminals off our streets. 

Both McBride and Kelly told us there nothing has been 'set in stone' just yet for the times and locations of the upcoming vigils.

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