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Bossier City officials respond to resident's 68,000-gallon water bill

Bossier City resident Sunny Cagle appears before the Bossier City Council to address her 68,000-gallon water bill problem. (Source: Nick Lawton, KSLA) Bossier City resident Sunny Cagle appears before the Bossier City Council to address her 68,000-gallon water bill problem. (Source: Nick Lawton, KSLA)

Sunny Cagle has only rented her home in the 1200 block of Elsa Jane Road in Bossier City since April.

But in her second month, she received a more than 68,000-gallon water bill in the mail.

That bill totaled $901.05.

Earlier this week, Bossier City Public Information Officer Mark Natale sent a statement to KSLA regarding Cagle's high water bill:

"As suspected, it appears there was a water leak at the house where Ms. Cagle lived," Natale wrote. "The city has been informed that the landlord has made plumbing repairs and as a result of those repairs the home’s water meter is no longer indicating a consistent water flow."

But Cagle claims that statement is untrue, telling KSLA no foundation leak was discovered by plumbers or city water supervisors.

She told KSLA she is now moving from the home and now has an attorney.

More than a week after KSLA News 12 first reported on her problem, she took her bills to the Bossier City Council.

After plumbers found no leaks in her home, council members suggested Cagle check underneath the house.

"If there's nothing leaking in your toilet, your bathtub, your sinks, your walls, your ceilings, your Sheetrock, you've got something under your slab. You've got to have something under your slab," District 3 Councilman Don Williams told Cagle.

She told council members she's had four plumber visits in the past week. And one of them, a master plumber, conducted a slab test.

"He can't find any leaks. There's no slab leak and, basically, there's something wrong," Cagle told KSLA News 12. 

"Even though the meter's been changed out, it's still reading something wrong because the water has to be going somewhere."

Bossier City water billing supervisors told the council that Cagle has been placed on the Do-Not-Shut-Off list while her water issue is ongoing.

But they also maintained that any leaks are the responsibility of Cagle's landlord.

As far as their department is concerned, supervisor Vet Koetter said, they can offer more assistance only once the leak is fixed.

"That's all we can do for the homeowners is split the water and sewage usage on the water bill once it's been fixed. We do it daily, every day for people," she told the council.

"We still feel like there's something that is missing there," Koetter continued. "I don't know what it is. I can't tell you."

Council members told Cagle they will cut her water bill in half.

"That's a courtesy of the city. And I know it's not what you expected; but it was something, I think," said Council President Jeffery Darby.

But Cagle told the council that cutting her water bill doesn't fix the issue and wouldn't help other residents who still wouldn't have enough money to pay even a halved bill.

"What does that do for people on a set income? That have no option? If you take a bill like that and cut it in half, it's not going to give them the option to pay that. It's going to be cut off."

Additionally, Cagle told KSLA News 12, she has more high-water usage coming to her for the current month.

"They told me 35,000 gallons, so there's still a problem."

The Bossier City resident said she will now pursue legal action.

"I'm going to contact an attorney because, obviously, they don't care and it's the residents of Bossier who suffer. There's no recourse for us."

Cagle agreed to give the council a copy of the slab report that one plumber gave her.

She also told KSLA News 12 she will be hiring another plumber to conduct another slab test and present the results of both tests to the City Council.

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