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Heat can impact effectiveness of the medications you take

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Every year, people underestimate how heat can affect their health.

Heat is responsible for more deaths each year than any other weather hazard, according to the National Weather Service.

Hot temperatures also can affect what helps keep people healthy: medication.

Pharmacist Randy Caudle, who owns Line Avenue Pharmacy in Shreveport, said drugs are volatile.

Some even will evaporate in the heat. Gelatin capsules will stick together. And lozenges will melt.

Most medications are supposed to be kept at room temperature, which is about 70 degrees.

One of the worst places to store medication is in a vehicle. Temperatures inside a vehicle can easily exceed 100 degrees on a hot, sunny day.

"You want to know [your medications] are going to work right," Caudle said.

"I left it in the car the last three days and don't know if it is going to work right. ... Then you go and take it, and it just doesn't work like you expected it to."

Creams also will break down and not work effectively when exposed to heat, he said.

Heat is not the only weather element that can affect medications.

Humidity and sunlight also can be harmful to the medicines you use, Caudle said.

And people who take medications on a daily basis should be aware of their side effects.

Many can affect how your body regulates heat, so hot days can become even more dangerous.

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