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Father's Day will be hot, humid and may be stormy for a few

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After I got your attention with the word "stormy" let's get that subject out of the way first. There is a marginal risk, the lowest risk, of severe storms.

The area at risk includes part of NE Texas, most of SW Arkansas and SE Oklahoma. Generally, the storms could be on either side of I-30 and continue north across Oklahoma and Arkansas.

The greatest severe threat will be high with possibly damaging winds. This area of storms appears to stay north of I-30 from mid-afternoon through the evening as a cold front moves slowly toward the area. Rain chances increase overnight into Monday. Therefore, most folks will stay dry on Father's Day.

The other problem that will be prevalent, but often ignored, is the heat and humidity. Highs this Saturday will be in the mid-90s. When you factor in the high humidity, the heat index value, more commonly called the "feels like" temperature, will reach 100 degrees and a few may be 102 degrees, the threshold for a Heat Advisory. Thank goodness the 102 feel like readings will be few.

In a nutshell, sweating is your body's air conditioner. When your sweat evaporates, it creates a chilling effect. It may sound silly but stick your finger in some water then blow on it. You'll feel the chill on your finger. That's the cooling effect of evaporation. However, when the air we walk around in is saturated (high humidity) your body's sweat will not evaporate naturally. The air is so "wet" that it can't take anymore so the body's air conditioner stops working. Your house gets hotter if the A/C doesn't work and your body temperature does the same, it begins to go up.

There are three stages of heat emergencies: Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke. When in the first stage after prolonged time in the sweltering heat, muscles will tighten up or cramp. When in the second stage, there will be muscle cramps, dizziness, mild confusion, and fast heart rate or breathing, as well as profuse sweating. 

The final stage is different and could be deadly. The victim's skin may be hot and dry to the touch due to dehydration. There may be confusion, shallow breathing, and weak pulse. The victim may be unconscious. At any stage, moving to a cooler place, drinking cool water along with cool wet towels to face and neck will bring relief. With Heat Stroke, time is of the essence. If possible, the victim should be moved to a cool place or shade and by any means available get the victim cooled down as fast as possible: cool, wet towels, ice to the underarms, neck, and groin, water from water hose if outside. You get the idea.

Of course, common sense, even this weekend, could keep you and your friends and family out of heat trouble. Take things slowly, take frequent breaks, seek shade to rest or even better, A/C. It's so important to stay hydrated with either cool water or sports drinks. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages do not work. They cause you to lose water.

I hope your Father's Day is rain free and a truly great day. As the summer progresses and gets blistering hot, remember what to do to stay out of heat trouble and remember what to do for someone who didn't read this.

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