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Storm crashes Hallsville family reunion

(Source: KLTV News Staff) (Source: KLTV News Staff)

An East Texas family reunion was frighteningly interrupted by Sunday's storms, injuring several people.
Hundreds were caught out in an open field when the high winds and swirling rain rumbled through the Taylor family reunion in Hallsville.
"A mighty gust of wind comes out of nowhere, picks me up and pushes me into barbed wire," rain reunion attendee Demetria Freeman.
The Taylor's were holding their annual three-day family reunion when suddenly high winds hit.
"We're sitting here, we're having a good time, the kids were having a carnival, people under tent, just enjoying ourselves. And then the winds got
higher, it got worse and worse," says Taylor family member Cheryl Bell.

Trees began to snap, and families began scrambling for cover,  and looking for their children.
"It is scary you know, because a couple of people couldn't find their kids," Bell says.
Downed trees blocked the only roadway out.
"We had to cut our way, because the ambulance couldn't get it, we had to cut trees and drag," Freeman says.

At the height of the reunion there were about 500 people. Then the weather hit. High winds and rain had everyone running for shelter. Most got under a nearby shelter. Four people were injured by flying debris and had to be taken to a hospital.
"We didn't know how many injuries or if there were injuries until after the fact," says Bell.

Injuries ranged from cuts and bruises, to a broken nose and broken ribs.

"All I could do was put my hands together, and get to praying," says Freeman.

It was the 60th Taylor family reunion, and one they won't forget.

"Just made it so much more important, we just realized nothing is promised. We will remember this one," Bell says.

The scary episode did not deter the Taylor family. They came back on Monday to finish their family reunion.
The family members who were injured were treated and released from the hospital.
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