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Fitness Challenge Friday: Brandon Harris


In this week's edition of Fitness Challenge Friday, Shayne was challenged to complete a quarterback workout with former Parkway and LSU, now North Carolina quarterback Brandon Harris. 

Shayne pulled his hamstring during the workout. So, here are some foods that help with muscle cramps according to

1. Potassium rich foods. Most Americans are deficient in potassium, a mineral, that in conjunction with sodium, helps regulate electrical signals to the muscles. Eat foods such as bananas, sweet potatoes, yogurt, white beans, and broccoli to boost your potassium intake.

2. Salty food. The body loses sodium through sweat, especially during prolonged exercise in hot weather. An energy drink will usually have some salt added, but other options during a workout are salt pills or munching on some pretzels.

3. Calcium rich foods. Low levels of calcium can lead to muscle cramps. Eat yogurt, sardines, turnip greens and dark leafy greens, cheese, and milk.

4. Carb-rich food and beverages during exercise - If your workout or competition lasts for more than an hour, you may need to fuel up on carbs to avoid glycogen depletion. Glycogen is the immediate energy stored in your muscles. If the levels are too low, the muscle is fatigued and the chances of cramping are higher.

5. Pickle juice - Many athletes report that pickle juice (and pickles) are good for preventing and alleviating muscle cramps. The exact mechanism is not quite understood.

Do you have a challenge for Shayne? Send him a video of you doing your extreme workouts. Email it to Shayne at or send it to his Facebook page

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