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Special needs woman loses Elvis collection in tornado, East Texans replace it

Teresa Pierson speaks with "Elvis" (Gib Maynard). Phot by Jamey Boyum KLTV. Teresa Pierson speaks with "Elvis" (Gib Maynard). Phot by Jamey Boyum KLTV.

Hundreds of people have been affected by the tornadoes of April 29. The long track tornado that went through Fruitvale disrupted many lives, including the Pierson family.

The family lost their mobile home and many possessions, including an Elvis collection, put together by Teresa Pierson who is a special needs adult and lives with her mother.

Thanks to a chance meeting and Facebook, Teresa received a brand new collection for her birthday, presented to her by the king himself; well, sort of.

Dorothy Pierson is 85 and raised seven children. Her youngest is Teresa. They’ve been through a lot together including a tornado that destroyed their home but left them unharmed.

“We felt the mobile home lift maybe about four inches, then it shifted a little bit, and then it stopped,” Dorothy recalled.

A week later family and friends help clear their property of debris that was once a home while Teresa and Dorothy stay with a sibling nearby. Another sister of Teresa, Donna Davis, met Lisa Overton, a tornado cleanup volunteer, who posted about the lost Elvis collection.

“I figured I had a few friends that had some Elvis items, and it ended up being a whole lot of friends with a whole lot of Elvis items,” Lisa revealed.

Hundreds of items were donated, and it just wouldn’t have been an Elvis birthday without the man himself: Gib Maynard, and he looks like rock royalty.

“It’s not just dressing up and performing Elvis that keeps the spirit of Elvis alive, this is something that Elvis would have done,” Gib said.

So the stage was set for Teresa’s 58 birthday, and she was, of course, amazed.

The amount of stuff was just overwhelming to her.

And of course, she got a little serenade from the king.

Teresa’s niece, Valerie White said it best when she saw the table.

“Definitely didn’t expect this; very, very surprised, for sure,” White said.

“I just feel so blessed. I can’t thank everybody enough, far and wide. I know Teresa is beyond words,” Dorothy said.

“Let me catch my breath a minute,” Teresa said.

Then there was a whole lotta huggin’ going on.

And with that, you can bet Elvis has entered the building.

If you’d like to help them out they have started a GoFundMe page called Graceland in Fruitvale.

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