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$850,000 could be used on upgrades for Tinsley Park

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Bossier City officials will decide Tuesday whether or not to foot the bill to make some big changes to a very busy public park

The city will make a final vote on the construction of a new parking lot and entrance for Tinsley Park. The proposed parking lot will add 274 additional parking spaces.

The total cost for the project will be $850,000.

"Folks have no place to park, they're parking in the fields or on the grass, alongside the roadway here, " said Bossier City police spokesperson Mark Natale. "So we think this is a worthwhile endeavor and one that folks will really appreciate."

The money still has to be approved but it's already there and available through the sales tax capital improvements fund, which is used specifically for projects such as this.

The new road will go through the back of the park and connect to Old Shed Road. Natale says that road will also be used by other landowners in the area, and the city is actually getting a good deal.

If the ordinance passes, Natale says you could expect to see the changes taking place towards the end of the summer.

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