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Psychologist weighs in on murder-suicide warning signs

Dr. Bruce McCormick (Source: Melissa Kakareka/KSLA News 12) Dr. Bruce McCormick (Source: Melissa Kakareka/KSLA News 12)
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In the last three days, the ArkLaTex has seen two murder-suicide incidents.

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A Shreveport psychologist weighs in on the possible causes and warning signs. The most recent is a murder-suicide in Nashville, Arkansas on Friday and an attempted murder-suicide in Shreveport on Wednesday.

"The questions we always ask is why?" said Dr. Bruce McCormick, a family and medical psychologist based in Shreveport. "Why would someone kill someone else? But, then why would they do that and then kill themselves?"

McCormick says these events are usually impulsive and the resulting suicide might be carried out for a number of reasons.

"I don't want to go through the legal system. Or, I don't deserve to live. Or, I was going to take myself out anyway and it was her fault so she's going first," explained Dr. McCormick.

Dr. McCormick says that the perpetrators are mostly male and the victims are usually a female and an ex-romantic partner.

"Women are far less likely to perpetrate homicide than suicide," said McCormick. "When they do, the victims are more likely to be children. Almost never does that happen with males."

When it comes to prevention, Dr. McCormick says relationship turmoil and domestic violence are red flags as well as substance abuse. Dr. McCormick says many suspects also have a history of untreated depression.

Still, each individual case is different. As of Friday, Shreveport police have confirmed that the woman shot in Wednesday's attempted murder-suicide is still alive after being shot twice by her estranged boyfriend.

"As far as why does it happen? If we knew the answer to that, we probably could do a lot to advance mental health in the world," he said.

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