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2Strong4Bullies: Two high school seniors speak out

Kennedy Harvey & Joshua Jamerson share experiences with bullying/Source: KSLA News 12 Kennedy Harvey & Joshua Jamerson share experiences with bullying/Source: KSLA News 12

Two high school seniors are sharing their experience with bullying in hopes of inspiring others to stand up to bullies. 

"No one wants to talk about it, especially at our age, because it gets embarrassing or they feel embarrassed," 17-year-old Kennedy Harvey said.

"I guess people feel it's more a younger kid problem and it just kind of goes away as you get older.

"But it doesn't."

Joshua Jamerson said he was bullied as recently as his sophomore year.

"And through my whole life I've been bullied," the 19-year-old said. "And it's just terrible, just to have kids take their anger out on you. It's not cool."

Harvey and Jamerson know the effects of bullying all too well. 

Now they are using their stories to help others take a stand against bullies, offering advice to victims. 

"I don't want anyone else to feel what I felt," said Harvey.

She says journaling was her way to work through what was happening. 

"It still happened. But I'd write down their insults. And I was like "Oh, they're saying the same thing' and I'm letting the same thing affect me every day."

For Jamerson, he coped by hitting the gym and learning self-defense. 

The teens want to encourage others to speak up.

If you see something, say something. 

"You're not the only one going through it," Harvey said.  "I know at times it will feel like you're alone. But you're not.

"People can't help you if you don't give them the opportunity."

And parents and guardians, the two teens say your role to stop bullying and empower your children is much greater than you think. 

"This stuff starts at home," Jamerson explained. "If they're not feeling loved at home, they want someone's attention, someone to listen."

"My mom, she's always talking to me even if I necessarily don't want to talk about what is happening. But she's always involved," said Harvey,

"So with my mom, I know that I can talk to her. So that makes me feel good."

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