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Some patrons bemoan conditions at Shreveport's Ford Park

Ford Park Ford Park
Ford Park Ford Park
Ford Park Ford Park

A historic Shreveport park is being called an eyesore by some parents who say the venue is in big need of some upkeep.

Much of the equipment at Ford Park has gotten rusty over the years.

But David Bush said he took his kids off the playground when he noticed a nail sticking out of a board.

After a taking a closer look, Bush said he realized a lot of the equipment is overdue for maintenance, with loose boards and many parts either broken or missing.

Other people who were out for a walk recently say they've been coming to Ford Park since they were kids and the equipment never has been replaced or even received a new coat of paint.

Bush wants the city's parks and recreation department to fix the problem before he'll allow his kids to come back.

"There were nails that were sticking up. And as my kids were walking across the little wood landing, one of the boards moved. So I went over and picked up the board, and it just come right up. It's just not even secure."

Other issues cited are the amount of trash in the park, as well as the amount of broken equipment. 

Becky Berry, of Shreveport Parks and Recreation, said trash does tend to build up over the weekends so it can look worse than usual on Monday until they've had time to pick it up.

They are unaware of any recent complaints about the equipment, she added.

Bush said he's enjoyed coming to Ford Park his whole life and wants to see it back to its old self.

"I've always liked coming to Ford Park because it's a nice peaceful park. You have shade for the kids at all times year-round.

"I came here as a kid when I was very young, and I bring my kids here because it's unique."

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