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Fitness Challenge Friday: Core on the board


In this edition of Fitness Challenge Friday, Shayne was challenged to complete a “core on the board” class at the BHP Billiton YMCA in Shreveport. 

The class involves exercises on a stand-up paddle board in a pool. It’s one of dozens of classes offered at the YMCA

In this week's Fitness Friday food tips, we explored what ingredients should be avoided when making your own smoothie to assist in weight loss.

According to here are a few ingredients to avoid:

  • Sugar- Sugar in any processed form is one of the worst smoothie ingredients to use of all.
  • Too much fruit- over one cup of fruit, you're taking in a large amount of sugar, natural or not.
  • Whole fat yogurt-The fats in dairy-based yogurts are mostly animal saturated fats, which you want to avoid.
  • Unhealthy protein powders- use raw and organic forms of protein powders, not processed ones that have artificial sweeteners and a bunch of additives.
  • Dairy milk- try non dairy milk, almond milk or coconut milk instead...those are much lower in fat

Do you have a challenge for Shayne? Send him a video of you doing your extreme workouts.  Email it to Shayne at or send it to his Facebook page

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