12 Investigates: Officer accused of shooting suspect had history of use of force complaints

12 Investigates: Officer accused of shooting suspect had history of use of force complaints

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The Shreveport police officer accused of pulling the trigger on a suspect in late March has a history of use of force complaints, public records show.

Corporal Jon Briceno was placed on departmental leave after police say he opened fire on suspect Brian Poole after a 15-minute low-speed police chase.

After pulling over in the 900 block of Drexel Drive, Poole was instructed by officers to exit his vehicle and show his hands. Police say Poole refused to comply with police and was seen reaching into the back of his pickup truck. As a result, Poole was shot multiple times by Corporal Briceno.

KSLA News 12 obtained Briceno's internal affairs disciplinary history for the past six years through a public records request.

The report reveals since 2011, Briceno has had five use of force complaints filed against him. However, only two use of force complaints were sustained by the police department: one that occurred in early April of 2011 and another in May of 2012.

The descriptions of the complaints are vague. However, two complaints stated a complainant was punched and another alleged Briceno slammed his head against the patrol car. Both complaints were thrown out.

According to the documents, Briceno received a three-day reduction in pay in June of 2011 for violating the department rules and regulations.

Briceno received a five-day fine as a result of the 2012 use of force complaint.

Through a public records request to the Shreveport Municipal Fire and Police Service Board, we discovered Briceno appealed that punishment in August of 2012.

In the appeal letter, he only stated he wanted an appeal and did not provide an explanation.

The police department agreed to reduce his five-day fine to a documented counseling requirement. The civil service board signed off on the change in November of 2013.

Since the shooting of Poole, Briceno has been on paid administrative leave while the department investigates what happened.

In the meantime, Poole has not left the hospital and is still in police custody in the trauma unit.

Poole's mother, Jan Poole, says she is only allowed to visit her son for 15 minutes each day and is not allowed to speak to a physician about his prognosis.

"The only thing I'd say at this time is that I'm upset after 28 days I've never had the chance to speak to a doctor about all his different surgeries, injuries or his prognosis," Jan Poole said. "I think I have a right to this information as his mother and closest relative."

Poole's attorney Daryl Gold says he is being held on misdemeanor charges. His family tells us he has been in and out of major surgeries since the shooting.

Police cited an ongoing investigation when asked about whether a weapon was ever recovered in Poole's truck. Poole's attorney says he was unarmed.

The district attorney is reviewing dash cam video and will decide soon whether Briceno will be charged.

District Attorney James Stewart declined to comment.

While the police department and district attorney's office investigates whether the shooting was justified, neighbors who saw the aftermath have their own opinions.

Dung To lives across the street from where it happened.

"I didn't think they should have opened gunfire in a neighborhood because it could have harmed people living around here," said To.

Joseph Lytle lives a few hundred feet away from where it happened and awoke to gunshots when it happened and saw the aftermath of the incident.

"I know the police has to do what they have to do. If someone looks like they are going to do them harm, they have to take care of business and that is the way it is," said Lytle.

KSLA News 12 is making efforts to reach Briceno for a comment.

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