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KSLA Salutes: Barksdale game wardens

Airman Jordan Grant on Game Warden patrol on Barksdale AFB/Source: KSLA News 12 Airman Jordan Grant on Game Warden patrol on Barksdale AFB/Source: KSLA News 12

You can say airman Jordan Grant has always had his eyes on the sky.

Unfortunately, due to his tall stature at 6'6", it put a damper on his childhood dreams of being an Air Force pilot. Airman Grant was looking for a challenge and adventure when he saw an opportunity to apply to become an Air Force game warden.

"I remember when I was in boot camp and I was wondering what I'm going to be doing," recalled Grant. 

The job has opened him up to a whole new world. 

"It's definitely something I enjoy, the first time I got to ride on a boat, the first time I got to ride on an ATV," said Grant.

The Indiana native is one of six game wardens on Barksdale Air Force Base. The group monitors all activity conducted on the east reservation such as the campsites, hiking trails and waterways. 

"My job entails enforcing the fishing rigs and hunting rigs on Barksdale Air Force Base," explained Grant, "That's making sure everybody has the proper fishing license and the proper gear when they're in the water, make sure they have the proper equipment to be able to get around safely and know all the rules to keep themselves safe as well as others."

The game wardens monitor 18,000 of the 22,000-acre installation which includes six lakes, 11 ponds and 15 miles of rivers and bayous.

"It's just a natural terrain for you to get around in and experience, especially someone like myself who is not from the south it's different," expressed Grant. 

Patrolling the east reserve almost always guarantees an encounter with wildlife, which means assisting with wildlife management. Grant says his family back home gives him a hard time about.

"It's TV animals to us where we're from, so when I send them a picture of a gator they think I'm crazy," Grant said.

In addition to their enforcement procedures, Grant says maintaining the east reserve is an important role in Barksdale's overall mission. Their focus being safety and morale. 

"If we can make it a better experience when you're not at work, you can go to work with a positive experience and when you're at work you can think about the fun time that you have when you're out here and you're fishing," Grant said. "It's just being able to add that equal balance just enough work and just enough pleasure at the same time."

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