City of Shreveport discovers another water billing error

City of Shreveport discovers another water billing error

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The City of Shreveport has discovered yet another error with the third party billing system that handles the city's water accounts.

The newly discovered error appears to only impact commercial customers, according to a news release. City officials are working to correct the error, notify customers and will adjust the bills to reflect corrected amounts.

The City of Shreveport currently has a civil suit against Systems & Software Inc. for other errors previously detected with its enQuesta water billing system.

The news release states that businesses equipped with what are known as subtraction meters were billed incorrectly. The meters are used in part with large cooling towers as a part of its operation.

The water used by the cooling towers is billed with a sewer charge, but due to the evaporation of the water in these structures, the sewer charge is supposed to be credited back.

It was learned that the subtraction meter rates were not crediting amounts at the correct rate. City officials attempted to repair the error but were locked out of the Systems and Software enQuesta system as the sewer rates were charged annually.

The city has chosen not to renew their contract with Systems & Software, Inc. and will be looking for a new vendor.

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