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Road rage shooting victim praised after tracking down suspect

Forcie Wyrick (Source: KSLA News 12) Forcie Wyrick (Source: KSLA News 12)

Investigators are praising the actions of a man after he followed his alleged shooter for more than 20 miles.

Police say Forcie Wyrick was shot in a road rage incident near mile marker 190 on Interstate 30 in Bowie County, Texas.

“The next thing I know I heard a boom, and I realized I was shot,” Wyrick said.

He told deputies he was driving through Bowie County when another vehicle pulled beside him and fired a shot through the door.

“I had no idea why that happened, or where he came from, or why he targeted me. I have no idea.”

While wounded, Wyrick called 911 and followed the shooter while talking to a police dispatcher.

“I didn't think about the pain or nothing during that time; it was just keeping up with him.”

Officers caught up with the two vehicles near Leary, Texas, where they arrested 64-year-old William Crump, of DeSoto, Texas.

Investigators reportedly found two weapons in Crump's vehicle and said that at least one of the guns had been fired.

Bowie County deputies say Crump is not saying much about the incident.

Wyrick said the physical pain from being shot is under control, but it will take some time to get over the emotional scars.

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