Copy-Steve Stephens' white Ford Fusion not GPS-enabled, Cleveland police say

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said the white Ford Fusion Steve Stephens was driving after posting a video to Facebook of him fatally shooting a man in Cleveland does not have a Global Positioning System.

"Of course, that's the first thing we've looked at," Williams said during a press conference Tuesday.

The search for the 37-year-old, which is now nation-wide, continues. Officials said they have received about 400 tips from across the country. Some are from as far away as Texas, police said.

Stephens randomly shot Robert Godwin Sr., 74, along East 93rd Street on Sunday. He then posted a video of the shooting to his personal Facebook account. He also posted a Facebook Live video bragging about killing more than a dozen people and blaming his actions on his ex-girlfriend, his mother, debts, and more. Cleveland Police have not confirmed whether his claim of killing multiple people is true.

On Sunday night, a "ping" from Stephens' cell phone was detected near Erie, Pa. There have also been numerous sightings reported, but none of them have been confirmed. Officials said that there have not been any hits on Stephens' temporary plates: E363630.

Some Cleveland and suburban police and Ohio Highway Patrol vehicles are equipped with "plate readers" that can scan license tags of every vehicle that passes by. Indiana and New York police have plate readers. Pennsylvania does not. Michigan state police say they have plate readers that are fixed, monitoring traffic coming in and out of the state.

Police are also appealing directly to the public, flashing information on electronic highway signs, urging drivers to keep on the lookout for Stephens and his vehicle. From the ground to the air, the search for Stephens includes Cleveland Choppers. At night, they are using infrared cameras.

Below Reporter Damon Maloney talks about what was said at the Tuesday morning press conference.


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