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Tax preparer offers tips for last-minute filers


Tuesday, April 18, is Tax Day.

So it is time to get your federal taxes filed.

If you've procrastinated, you're not alone.

The Internal Revenue Service has seen about a 3 percent drop in people filling their taxes so far, said LaVance Henderson, owner of a Liberty Tex Service franchise.

And for those who need some last-minute help, he has a few tips.

  • You still have plenty of time to file your taxes.
  • Just make sure you have the right documents. Your W-2 should be on the top of that list.
  • If you have children or are claiming a dependent for the earned income tax credit, make sure you have a document that shows they live with you.

"The IRS is really cracking down on documentation of showing who lives in the house and where the child actually lives," Henderson said.

"That is one of the largest frauds with the IRS is people claiming children who do not live with them."

  • If you get your health insurance through the federal marketplace, don't forget your 1095-A.

"If we do not include the 1095-A in your tax return, then the IRS will not send you your refund until you go back to your tax office and file your 1095-A and submit to it the the IRS," Henderson said.

  • Most people don't need to file for an extension.

People who do file for an extension usually are those who have businesses or investment income and have not yet received all their documents yet, Henderson said.

  • If you do file for an extension, you will have until Oct. 15 to file your taxes.

However, an extension only means you have extra time to file your taxes.

  • You still have to pay them now.

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